Sunday, February 7, 2010

Span 365 Reflection so far

Well I'm not sure really how to address this but here it goes.

From the first book Legends of Guatemala we were introduced to the concept of magical realism although this first book seemed more magical with a light splash of realism if any. In contrast Reino de este mundo was a lot more realistic as it comes from Haiti's history but with a little magick in it in the form of shape-shifters (changing from human to other creatures) and the use of voodoo. So far magical realism just seems like regular story telling nothing overly special in my opinion compared to other books I've read in the past and its been a bit of read and forget although Carpentier's book kind of seems to stick to the mind more so than the first book which was for lack of better words boring.

Over all to me magical realism seems like most books trying to add a bit of magick to reality and alter it to be pleasing to the readers.