Saturday, April 10, 2010

Span 365 The Course

The course centers around magical realism and for the most part I thought I knew what it was and that the 3 books we read where all examples of magical realism; to which I was mistaken which left me lost on the concept. All three books seemed to use the same elements and had just a bit of magic to them and where set in the jungles or country side scenery, which are traits of magical realism. So the reality of it is the concept of magical realism is still lost on me.

Ending the course with the anti magical realism book McOndo which proved to be quite different from everything else we have read. The short stories seemed relatively pointless they are like individuals stories to themselves, with no real significance, just stories of I guess common peoples life's. These stories dont appear to go into any great depth, there set in a urban environment and are about real life with no magical or anything unexplainable even in the romanticized pheromonal state of attraction people call love which in the one story is called a chemical reaction.

Over all out of everything we have read the best book was kingdom of this world. It was a lot more interesting than the other two novels just in the way everything is laid out, the events that happen and its a lot more straight forward than 100 yrs of solitude which was just confusing as hell with 100's of different ways of looking at it.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Span 365 McOndo

The various stories read are a lot different form the other books read. They feel more real, they deal with real life and have more basic and human themes, the most prominent of which is sex and relationships between people as well as life.

These stories being of a realistic nature seem a bit boring, but the different writing style and story telling makes up for the simplicity of the stories. The over all themes discussed in each of the stories are really of no interest to me and it was hard to pick out which random stories to read so I choose the shortest ones. There mostly about the mundane life's of the character and there intimate encounters with various women. Travel and moving around was also a prominent issue in a few of the stories. The realism is a bit refreshing compared to the other stuff we have read in this coarse as well as the brevity of each of the stories. The stories are all human stories in that they deal with human life and there sexual nature and gives us a gimps into some latin peoples life's.

Compared to the other books that we have read this book a lot more gritty and human, telling the life stories of each of the protagonists from different encounters all over the world with different women in He conosido a mucha gente to the traveling and preforming in La gente de latex. Each of the stories that I read are all a bit different but there major themes are sex and life.