Sunday, April 4, 2010

Span 365 McOndo

The various stories read are a lot different form the other books read. They feel more real, they deal with real life and have more basic and human themes, the most prominent of which is sex and relationships between people as well as life.

These stories being of a realistic nature seem a bit boring, but the different writing style and story telling makes up for the simplicity of the stories. The over all themes discussed in each of the stories are really of no interest to me and it was hard to pick out which random stories to read so I choose the shortest ones. There mostly about the mundane life's of the character and there intimate encounters with various women. Travel and moving around was also a prominent issue in a few of the stories. The realism is a bit refreshing compared to the other stuff we have read in this coarse as well as the brevity of each of the stories. The stories are all human stories in that they deal with human life and there sexual nature and gives us a gimps into some latin peoples life's.

Compared to the other books that we have read this book a lot more gritty and human, telling the life stories of each of the protagonists from different encounters all over the world with different women in He conosido a mucha gente to the traveling and preforming in La gente de latex. Each of the stories that I read are all a bit different but there major themes are sex and life.


  1. Matt, as always it would help if you at least mentioned some concrete details.

    Meanwhile, I have no idea what you mean by saying that "These stories being of a realistic nature seem a bit boring." Perhaps you could explain?

  2. What I mean by them being a bit boring is that these stories are based on the average guys life and all of them just seem like there tales of each of these individuals promiscuous life's or complaining about there mundane life's. These are basically the kinds of tales that mindless guys talk about, which is why most guys are so bloody boring. Hence the reason why these stories just seem like guys whining about there life's.