Sunday, March 28, 2010

Span 365 the 3 books

The three books that we have read have all been examples of magical realism and have all been historical in nature. The first book Legends of Guatemala is by far the most random of the 3 books as it had various legends in it, all about Guatemala. For the most part the legends described the history and beliefs of the maya and the history of the creation of the country and its belief system.

The second book and the easiest to read, Kingdom of this world which is also a history related book tells us about the freedom of the slaves in Haiti and the history that lead to the liberation. This short book was the best of the 3 book as it was very straight forward to read and easier to understand than the other two books. The simplicity to the story line and the language used in the text makes it easier to read as theres really no need for dictionaries or foot notes (stuff I never resort to anyways). The book doesn't really go into huge depths like 100 yrs of solitude so its a way better read and given the amount of time we had to read it made it I was able to understand it way better than 100 yrs.

The final book 100 yrs of solitude which is a long and tedious read. The book starts off strong in my mind and captivates the reader but withing 150 pages it becomes boring and drags on completely losing me out of sheer boredom and the need to read the rest in the least amount of time possible. This book is the history of the Buendia family and the town of Macondo; this follows the history nature of the 3 books we have read. This book really lost me with all the details and the long pages of apparent nothingness that was being said, rushing through the book really left me with a general understanding of the book but the depths and alternative meanings of the book where lost to me. So over all the was a boring bibliography of a family to me and really nothing I would ever want to read.

The 3 books being examples of magical realism seem to go from more magical in nature to more realistic as we progress from one book to the next. The first book is very magical talking about gods, magic and mysticism. The 2nd book employs a bit of magic but heavily relies on the realism of the slave revolution in Haiti. Finally the third book has a few magic elements but there very discreet this book is mostly realism even though its about a fictional town and family.

The similarity's between the books would be the the fact that there all historical, take place in Latin America and are mostly depressing or morbid.

I have no idea what to say about this but if I had to choose Kingdom of this world is my favorite of the 3 as I got the most out of it

Span 365 4 Marquez

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Span 365 4 Marquez

For starters I have to say that bloody hell this is one long carried out book that gets really boring from the beginning of the civil war up until the end of the rain fall. The book from the point of the civil war to the ending the three year rain fall seems like its a filler. It becomes very bland and boring and almost doesn't seem like its that important in respect to the rest. Both the civil war and banana company stages of the book seem to be very long and carried out which becomes agonizing to read.

This book is all over the place at all different points in time reflecting upon the characters past; but showing a steady progression from a small town in the middle of know where, into a small commerce town, the location of the rise and fall of the civil war, to the busy banana production town which is the peak of Macondos history. From this point on the town descends into nothingness a mas genocide leaves the town nearly vacant, followed by a flood that destroys everything and leaves the town in shambles and abandoned.

Although through out the book the most evident theme to me was progression as mentioned in the previous paragraph, many have mentioned the state of solitude that everyone ends up in as another prominent theme. Thinking of the book as a whole no one really ends up happy they all end up suffering in one way or another and end up in a state of solitude isolating them self's from the world; most being fully content in doing this such as Remedios that lived in her own world, or the General Buendia who once defeated had nothing to do or a care in life committed himself to be locked away fabricating little gold fish, to then melt down and preform the work over and over again till his death. So in reference to the title of 100 years of solitude, the lives of all these characters from the beginning of the book to the end all end in solitude; the 100 years is about the time frame that the book takes place in if we think about how old Ursula that is mentioned to be 115 at one point in the book. The 100 years of solitude is the Buendias family's curse no one in the family ends up happy they are cursed to solitude and appear to damn all those around them.

The book reads like its a family or towns bibliography or history from the time of foundation to there demise. in respect to the magical realism that is the core concept to this course this book seems to have its few magical moments but over all seems like its a history book.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Span 365 3 Marquez

I guess for starters I have to say that the last 113 pages where not as interesting as the first portion of the book. The whole civil war thing going on in the book is really boring and seems like its a filler just extending the story on further. Its not overly interesting and continues at a fast pace but not with really interesting stuff happening like the first portion of the book where the town was less civilized and unworldly.

In what I have read so far in the book it is quite apparent that the civilization of Macondo is evolving from a tiny town made up of a small group of people that all know each other and just enjoy life; into a town that is introduced to the outside world by the discovery of a path that takes two days to get to the outside world that brings more people, knowledge and commerce to Macondo. Then into a state of government ruler ship over the people with the introduction of the corrector and the soldiers; leading into the disputes over liberals and conservatives that incite the whole civil war tearing up the town leading to the death of many characters and a whole mess for the town. This leads me to believe that the most prominent theme in the book is progression as everything in the book seems to go from a simple state to a more complex one be it in the town itself or in the relationships the characters have.

Time is still all over the place in these 100 or so pages since the last entry which leads to more confusion in the book the characters dont seem to age even though it seems like so many years have passed and there is referencing to different periods of time from before int he book and from events that happened in other times. So the theme of time is still quite evident in this portion of the book but not so much as in the previous part.

I still cant figure out why this book is the most popular Latin book out there it has its moments but seems so bland right now from reading it almost as if the story should have ended around the 230ish mark there was something I read that seemed to read like it was the end with the execution that the book starts off with; instead we are put through the torture of reading many things about the civil war and other conquests. My only hopes are that the last 2 sections of this book are not as bland as this one has been because it took for ever to read along with everything for my biochem midterm.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Span 365 2 Marquez

This book so far has been an interesting and strange read. There so much happening in the book most of which seems quite random at the time its happening but some of which makes more scene as the book progresses. The book is similar to our previous book Reigno de este Mundo, in that its more historical in nature than magical. This book is a fact of fiction but it reads like a family history if that makes any scene. There doesnt seem to be to many magical element so far but the one that stood out the most would be the man that was converted into a snake for disobeying his parents on page 121.

The books is all over the place when it comes to time past, present and future. Doing this makes it a bit confusing at times because the story goes from talking about the present but the next chapter they jump into the past or the future making you read further, out of a desire to know what happens which is probably what makes this book so interesting to read. The constant changing of time and the speed than the story seems to be moving makes this book seem like a historical narration of the Buendia's family.

Theres just so much happening in this book and Marquez just keeps it fresh, different and interesting as the story progresses, although I haven't discovered the purpose to this book such as where the book is going with this story or what the action its leading up to yet so in my opinion nothing major has happened yet just a lot of side story's and the central story line of the development of the Buendia family.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Span 365 1 Marquez

From what I've gotten through the book is fairly interesting and the main character Jose Buendia seems like he's a bit gullible and a genius.

The book seems to fly through time incredibly fast which along with the description of there town and its surroundings creates a magical element to the book.
The town is hidden deep in the forest and is almost impenetrable and as they try and travel North they say theres no point in turning back because the vegetation grows back almost before there eyes; this makes the town appear mystical as its hidden from the rest of the world where the people in it are ignorant of the discoveries that have been found such as the earth being round. Only having the Gypsy's as a window to the outside world bringing in trinkets and tales from around the world.

The book appears to progress quite rapidly and just keeps you reading but so far theres really nothing major happening.