Sunday, March 7, 2010

Span 365 2 Marquez

This book so far has been an interesting and strange read. There so much happening in the book most of which seems quite random at the time its happening but some of which makes more scene as the book progresses. The book is similar to our previous book Reigno de este Mundo, in that its more historical in nature than magical. This book is a fact of fiction but it reads like a family history if that makes any scene. There doesnt seem to be to many magical element so far but the one that stood out the most would be the man that was converted into a snake for disobeying his parents on page 121.

The books is all over the place when it comes to time past, present and future. Doing this makes it a bit confusing at times because the story goes from talking about the present but the next chapter they jump into the past or the future making you read further, out of a desire to know what happens which is probably what makes this book so interesting to read. The constant changing of time and the speed than the story seems to be moving makes this book seem like a historical narration of the Buendia's family.

Theres just so much happening in this book and Marquez just keeps it fresh, different and interesting as the story progresses, although I haven't discovered the purpose to this book such as where the book is going with this story or what the action its leading up to yet so in my opinion nothing major has happened yet just a lot of side story's and the central story line of the development of the Buendia family.


  1. Hey Matt, I agree with you in a few points here:
    This book does seem like a historical narration of the Buendis family. However, I try to bring this back to the relation between the family and Macondo, as the novel is supposedly a novel about a place, not about people. Meh..
    Also, we already saw how the first line in the novel kinda 'tricks' us as it makes us believe something that later on is just.. no true. I feel like this is going to happen a LOT in this novel so... unexpected turns by the end of the novel are probably there for sure :S
    Also, have you seen Saint Seiya? Thanatos in that series is awesome :P

  2. Hey I have seen Saint Seiya but the name is from the Greek God himself not the character just one of the least know name for him/

  3. Matt, I think it would help if you provided more examples of what you mean. For instance, you could say more about the "side stories" and this might help an understanding of how they relate to the "main story." Or you could give examples of how the book plays with linear time.