Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Span 365 1 Marquez

From what I've gotten through the book is fairly interesting and the main character Jose Buendia seems like he's a bit gullible and a genius.

The book seems to fly through time incredibly fast which along with the description of there town and its surroundings creates a magical element to the book.
The town is hidden deep in the forest and is almost impenetrable and as they try and travel North they say theres no point in turning back because the vegetation grows back almost before there eyes; this makes the town appear mystical as its hidden from the rest of the world where the people in it are ignorant of the discoveries that have been found such as the earth being round. Only having the Gypsy's as a window to the outside world bringing in trinkets and tales from around the world.

The book appears to progress quite rapidly and just keeps you reading but so far theres really nothing major happening.

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  1. Matt, this is a little short. Perhaps you could say more about, for instance, the sense of time and place in the novel. You might also want to reflect on the idea that "there's really nothing major happening." After all, lots happens: and how do we judge what's "major" and what isn't?