Sunday, January 31, 2010

Span 365 2 Reino de este mundo

Well Reino de este mundo was a pretty good book that kept me reading which most books grow persistently boring but the effective combination of the history, realism and a little bit of magick made it entertaining.

My favorite part about the second half of this book would have to be the irony. They fraught to get rid of the the white people due to slavery but in the end, end up in a more morbid state of slavery where they were treated worse than before; forced to build the empire of there new black king, who's monarchy ended much in the same way as the white slave masters.

The magical realism is quite apparent in this book as it describes the historic revolution of Haiti against slavery and puts it in a magical form which helps mystifies the revolution. All the magick in this book can be explained as over exaggerations of the violent truth in this book.

It was a good and entertaining book which most likely has many other meanings than what I have grasped but thats what the class discussion is for so Im going back to studying biochem.

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